Like all Charities last year was very difficult for fundraising to keep the support going, but we also appreciate everyone who continued to raise money for Corpal which has been an amazing help to us, to continue our support where we could, We are hoping that 2021 looks a bit brighter and have put a few ideas below that you some of you may be interested in.
We have secured some places in the following events. Corpal has already covered the cost of the Entry fees.
Marathon Events – Vitality 10k run –  31st May 2021
We have 4 entries for this event.  (This will be in London, likely to be St James Park, London, however the organisers are still to confirm as they are making sure that it will be safe and social distanced.
If interested in this event, please still let us know.
Marathon Events – Virtual Vitality 10k run – 31st May – 6th June 2021
We have 5 entries for this event – This can take place anytime between 31st May – 6th June , you can choose your location to run, great for those who do not want to travel to London.
We will also supply you with a training T shirt, wrist band and some flags.
In return we would ask for a commitment of a minimum of £50 in fundraising for Corpal for each entry.
We are registered with ‘Just Giving’ and Virgin Money Giving’ therefore easy to set up your own fundraising page, and select Corpal as your charity.
Please let us know if interested and places will be given on a first come first served basis.
We are looking into further events, but these will be promoted later in the year due to making sure that they are safe to run.
SHOPPING – an effortless way of raising funds at no cost to you. (apart from your purchases of course! )
Why not convert all your Amazon shopping to ‘SMILE AMAZON’ very easy to do at no cost. Login/register to Amazon  and search  app for Smile Amazon, follow the simple instructions then all purchases will generate a % for Corpal which is paid directly into the Corpal bank account monthly.
EASY FUNDRAISING –   it will give a list of various shops and organisations that you could earn % for Corpal if you purchase from their site.
GIVE AS YOU LIVE  ONLINE –  it will ask you to choose your shop and again, Choose Corpal as your Charity and shop away.
Corpal can accept direct donations by using Paypal –
Would you like to hold an event for Corpal in anyway or form. We can support you in sending you leaflets, wrist bands, flags and T shirts… just email us with the date and location, we will also advertise it where we can on our Social Media pages and to those members in your area if wanted.
Thank you everyone for your continuing support and we look forward to catch up with you on our Zoom meetings or hopefully if we are fortunate at a face to face get together later in the Year.