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ACC ...
Defintion and description of ACC
A community for discussion agenesis of the corpus callosum and other callosal disorders.
National Organization for Disorders of the Corpus Callosum (NODCC) - a non-profit corporation established by professionals, parents and individuals with corpus callosum disorders

Aicardi Syndrome
Aicardi Syndrome Foundation - provides information and comfort to families and friends of children diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome.

Behavioural Difficulties
Cry-sis - support for families with excessively crying, sleepless and demanding children.
Hyperactive Children's Support Group - Information relating to help with problems relating to hyperactivity

Clothing / Toys
Disabled clothing and wheelchair clothing
Special needs clothing inclusing bibs, vests, swimwear etc.
Sensory Toys & Special Needs Toys
TFH - Large range of special need toys
Squease is an inflatable Deep Pressure vest inside a fashionable hooded sweatshirt.
Range of wooden toys and glitter tubes.
Fledglings - helps parents and carers of a child with special needs to find simple, affordable solutions to practical problems.
Seenin - produce garments for both adults and children with special needs, which includes wheelchair covers, feeding bibs, feeding aprons, kerchiefs and changing mats

Depression / Stress
Association for Postnatal Support (APNI) - Telephone support for mothers with postnatal depression.

Development / Education
Sure Start - Provides information on Government support for children, parents and communities.
Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) - Advice for parents on state education, special education, exclusion from school, bullying and school admission appeals

Epilepsy Action have a helpline and regular magazines and support groups for those with epilpesy.

Special needs harnesses for vehicle seats, wheelchairs, shower & bath hoists, commode chairs, walking reins and more.
Good range of special needs car seats
Range of weighted and sensory products
Specialist seating including the p pod seat
Lap tray for wheelchairs, buggies, car seats

Grants for Equipment
Provides specialist equipment, treatment and therapies for sick and disabled children across the UK
Family Fund for Families with Severely Disabled Children - Gives cash grants to ease stress on families caring for severely disabled children under 17.
Providing equipment to help individual children, nurse support services, medical research, awareness and campaigning ...
Provide grants for equipment and wheelchairs

Lone Parents
Gingerbread - Self-help association for one parent families.

Medical Support
Promotes education, good practice and research into the theory and practice of Ayres' Sensory Integration.
AFASIC (Association for all Speech Impaired Children) - Helps children with speech and language disorders.
Enuresis Resource and Information Centre - provides advice and information to children, young adults, parents and professionals on bedwetting and soiling.
Child Growth Foundation - Information and advice for parents concerned about their child's growth
I CAN - Advice and information for parents of children with speech and language difficulties.
National Autistic Society - Advice and information on autism, puts parents/carers in touch, provides day and residential centres for the care and education of autistic children.
NHS Direct - 24hr nurse led helpline giving health information and advice.
UNIQUE - a rare chromosome disorder support group that produces regular newsletters and genetic information.

Magazine for parents of young children with additional needs
Advice and information for disabled and mobility restricted passengers travelling through UK Airports.

The Choice Care Group - provides personalised residential support for adults with learning disabilities, mental health disorders and complex emotional and behavioural needs across 39 homes in Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Gloucestershire.

Citizens Advice Bureau - Advice on all benefits, housing and your rights generally.
Disability Alliance - Information and advice on benefits for all people with disabilities

Useful Organisations
Programme aimed at realising the potential of children with developemental delay, brain injury or a genetic condition.
Contact a Family - Links families with special needs and offers information on specific conditions and rare disorders.
Cerebra - Has a quarterly bulletin that offers a wealth of information and stories for parents and carers of children with neurological disorders.
Disabled Living Foundation - Source of information on daily living and disability equipment.
Council for Disabled Children - Information for parents and details of all organisations offering help with particular disabilities.
Parentline Plus - Offers support to anyone parenting a child.